Debt Collectors Launch Campaign to Encourage Engagement

October 4, 2019

The trade body for debt collection organisations in the UK has launched a promotional campaign encouraging people who are struggling to pay their bills not to be so wary of talking directly to its members.

The Credit Services Association (CSA) has said that it wants dialogue and engagement to always be the norm in the context of debt collection situations.

With that aim in mind, the organisation has launched an awareness campaign that it is branding with the hashtag #heretohelp.

“We want to remove the understandable fear and uncertainty that many customers face,” explained Peter Wallwork, chief executive at the CSA.

“We want to build confidence in debt collection so that whatever their circumstances, people will know that they will be treated with fairness, understanding and compassion.”

Part of the reasoning behind the CSA’s campaign is the understanding that so many people find it difficult or impossible to discuss their debt problems with anyone, even their own family or friends.

But with millions of people across the UK currently in debt and a great many finding it tough to satisfy their creditors, debt collectors are a fact of life and the CSA’s hope is that people might become more comfortable in talking to its members about their issues.

“We want everyone to get behind this serious drive to remove the stigma of debt once and for all,” said Mr Wallwork.

Yvonne MacDermid, the chief executive of the charity group Money Advice Scotland, has backed the CSA’s initiative, suggesting that it will “surely benefit all concerned”.

“This is a really outward looking initiative by the CSA, to help get the engagement of people in debt, and open up a dialogue with the debt collectors and purchasers,” she said.

The CSA has said that it will be reaching out to the government, as well as providers of debt advice, think tanks and consumer campaign groups to seek their support for the idea that both debtors and debt collectors would benefit from there being better communications between them.

Joanne Wright

Head Adviser at our Manchester Office

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