Half of All Babies Born into Families that Don’t Own Their Homes

March 28, 2019

Close to half of all babies being born in the UK now start out living in homes that are not owned by their parents.

According to new analysis, roughly 50 per cent of the 365,000 or so babies born in Britain each year spend their earliest days living in rented accommodation.

Of those newly born babies whose parents are renters, more than half (around 200,000) are believed to be born into what can be considered “insecure” privately rented properties.

The figures illustrate a shift towards a reliance on rented accommodation among families and individuals across Britain, with only a third of babies being born into rented homes as recently as 2003/04.

The insurance firm Royal London is behind the latest analysis of the relevant data, with the company concluding that renting is becoming increasingly common across the country and a real problem for a lot of people who find themselves starting and growing their families while in relatively precarious living situations.

“For people in their late twenties and thirties, half of whom are starting families in insecure accommodation, not having a home of their own is fraught with practical and emotional issues,” commented Becky O’Connor, a personal finance specialist at Royal London.

“The main risk is eviction, which hangs threateningly in the background of normal family life,” she said, in response to her company’s own assessments.

Ms O’Connor also suggested that renting is increasingly the default situation for individuals and couples as they go through their adult lives.

“Renting is no longer something carefree young people do for a few years while they save up a deposit to buy and settle down,” she said. “Renting is an increasingly long-term tenure and it’s increasingly impossible to escape from.”

The figures gathered by Royal London indicate that the number of British families living in rented accommodation while having dependent children has risen by as much as 94 per cent over the course of the last decade.

Areas of the country in which the numbers of families in rented accommodation has increased most sharply over the past 10 years include the North East of England and Yorkshire and the Humber.

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