Housing and Money Worries Making Renters Feel Sick

January 16, 2020

Concerns about paying rent and the threat of eviction are contributing to anxiety and sickness among huge numbers of people throughout England.

Research carried out by YouGov on behalf of the homelessness charity Shelter has found that roughly one in four renters in England have felt physically sick as a result of their housing and rent-related problems.

Those figures relate only to people who’ve felt sick with worry in the past year and the number equates to nearly two million adults living right across the country.

According to Shelter’s research, stress and anxiety is now very common among renters, with 45 per cent of those polled saying they’ve felt that way as a direct result of their housing issues or the finances involved.


High numbers of renters also say that their housing and money worries have kept them awake at night and almost one in three said they sometimes feel as if their situation is hopeless.

In response to the findings of the research it commissioned, Shelter has said that anyone feeling sick with worry or even somewhat anxious about their housing situation or the financial implications should reach out urgently for expert advice and support.

The charity has noted that for a lot of people the winter months can be a particularly tough in terms of financial management and finding enough money to cover essential bills.

“Every day at Shelter we see the toll that expensive, unstable or poor-quality private renting can take on people’s lives and their health,” said Shelter’s emergency helpline manager Andrea Deakin.

“We know how easy it can be to lose hope and feel overwhelmed by these worries, but our message is that you do not have to face them alone.”

Vicki Nash from the mental health charity Mind commented in response to Shelter’s research saying that housing and mental health are now closely linked for a great many people in the UK.

Ms Nash described the scale of stress and worry that’s being felt by people in the rented sector in England as being “extremely worrying”.

“Everyone deserves a safe, stable and suitable place to live, not somewhere which is causing us to feel ‘hopeless’,” she said.

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